We have taken a fresh look at superbike design and have produced the closest one can get to a 2 wheeled F1 car. This motorcycle is all about low weight, low drag and superb handling.

The ESI has a frameless chassis with unique suspension design at both ends of the bike. The front and rear suspension use torsion springs fitted on the swingarm pivots and F1 spec dampers mounted directly between swingarm and engine.

Front suspension is a common double wishbone arrangement. However, for ES1, the lower wishbone is a composite single-sided swingarm. The unique aspect of our design is the way we mount the handlebars from the fork rather than from the frame providing a very direct connection between handlebars and front wheel for front tire feel.

At the rear the carbon fiber swingarm has a slender section between the gearbox and the rear wheel to create the narrow position we need for ES1s aerodynamic and ergonomic concepts.

265 lbs/120 kg dry mass | >200 hp | 50% of the aerodynamic drag of modern superbikes