We are making 10 ES1 prototypes available to individual buyers worldwide.
These motorcycles will be fully developed, F1-spec machines that are custom tailored to the buyer and will be available at least one year ahead of the production model. From ergonomic fitment (think F1 driver’s seat), to advanced composite construction, to desired engine output parameters, to electronic control systems, they are truly F1 on two wheels. These 10 customers can expect full-factory support and involvement for an agreed-upon time period. This support will include everything required to properly and safely ride the ES1 — personal protective equipment, paddock equipment, spare parts, scheduled inspection/rebuild program, training with champion road racers… We can discuss your intended use and ensure that you receive everything necessary to make your ownership an unrivaled experience.

This will be an extremely expensive motorcycle. Though the price has not been finalized and will depend upon your specifications.

If you are a capable and interested buyer we would enjoy the opportunity to explore your needs and share our capabilities.