ES1 is packaged much tighter than conventional sports and racing motorcycles. Actually, the packaging approaches the level of optimization of a modern F1 car! This creates more space on the motorcycle for the rider and supports our drive for excellent aerodynamic performance.

The riding position is subtly changed with feet and legs closer together and with weight being taken on the leg cutouts as well as the footrests and seat. This is analogous to ergonomic office kneeler chairs and provides excellent comfort in both upright and tuck riding positions. Hanging off in corners is just the same as on a conventional machine.

Chassis and suspension have been designed to provide excellent dynamics, stability, and mechanical grip. Double wishbone style front suspension gives low unsprung mass, optimized stiffness and excellent kinematics. The front suspension does dive under braking but progressive anti-dive kinematics prevents bottoming even with a relatively low spring rate from the torsion bar spring. Connection between the handlebars and front fork is achieved by a very stiff and direct parallelogram linkage to give excellent feel for the front tire.

The rear swingarm is a complex carbon fiber component featuring the unique double chain drive arrangement which is central to the design, unlocking the benefits of the narrow and low footrest position. The rear suspension also uses a torsion bar spring on the swingarm axis allowing very quick spring changes and massive packaging advantages over coil spring solutions.

Both front and rear dampers are F1 spec and connect directly from the swingarms to the engine. Without the normal coil springs the dampers have no side loading and, consequently, have extremely low levels of friction. The steering damper is a unique gas preload design and is packaged within the arms of the handlebars with an adjuster on the left bar.