In the past 30 years, motorcycle design hasnít changed much. Horsepower has doubled but weight and drag have remained virtually unchanged. An avid participant on track days, Dick Glover started to wonder whether bolting more and more powerful engines into the same chassis concept was really the best approach. Using F1 concepts, he designed an advanced motorcycle with optimized aerodynamics, improved rider ergonomics and very low weight. Partnering with Andy le Fleming, a colleague at one of the top F1 teams, the two formed Spirit Motorcycle Technology in 2005 to make F1 on 2 wheels a reality.

Donald Atchison left the corporate world specifically to work with motorcycles and founded ECOSSE Moto Works in 2001. Wanting to dominate the street first, ECOSSEís American V-Twin powered Heretic model was born in 2003 with several other models on the drawing board Ė one of which, the X-7, was a full-fledged race bike. After clicking with Dick and Andy, Donís X-7 sketches were soon replaced with the F1-inspired motorcycle.

ECOSSE SPIRIT was formed by the two exceptional U.K. F1 engineers and the U.S. designer/manufacturer to bring extraordinary concepts to the motorcycle world. Their first model, ES1, is set to make motorcycle history.
Dickís impressive resume includes stints at Ricardo Consulting Engineers, Shell Research and Showa Shell Sekiyu. For the last 12 years he has worked for one of the top F1 teams and is now Technical Director of their automotive division.
 le Fleming
Andyís vast F1 experience includes Design and Race Engineer posts at Penske Racing, Ferrari, Benetton and Stewart Grand Prix Formula 1 teams.
From dirt biking youngster to gentleman road racer, mechanical engineer to MBA, and military officer to business entrepreneur. These diverse yet complementary experiences have led Don to dedicate his life to extraordinary performance motorcycles.
While serving as Principal for Advanced Analysis Ltd, Richard performs Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for F1 teams and motorcycle manufacturers. He has also held key positions at Ricardo Consulting Engineers.
As a marketing executive for motorcycle, telecommunications, direct marketing and consumer goods firms, Wendy has introduced more than 20 products in the U.S. and abroad. Her passion for motorcycles and racing is legendary.